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Developing the physical, developing the intellectual and developing the spiritual….

The logo symbolizes the training of the body and the mind to achieve the spiritual goal through your trust in God.

Harmonious development of the body, mind and soul is the aim.

A great stress is laid on physical development - a sound mind in a sound body in order to realize the soul.

All this is to enable the future to march into spiritual development.                       

In God We Trust

If over time you believe that with the help of God you can overcome, you can achieve, then you will get a deep unshakeable picture in your mind that you can.

Believe and in time your belief will create the fact.

Identify yourself with success and success will come to you. Form in your mind a picture of yourself believing, achieving what God wants you to do and to be. You will obtain absolutely astonishing feats. Live with verve and victory and enthusiasm such as you have never seen or heard before.

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